Dome Cameras

These security cameras are dome shaped & can be used for indoor and outdoor security applications. They can have IR LED's, a vari-focal lens, fixed lens, vandal rating which starts with IK, weather rating which starts with IP and other functionality.

You usually see dome cameras in homes and where security needs to meet esthetics. Domes are less obtrusive than bullet cameras or box cameras in big bulky housings. The dome disguises the direction the camera is pointed in, therefore the criminal won't know which way the camera is pointing.

This image above is a Nuvico Dome  Camera. It has IR LED's & day/night functionality. Call for more information.

A dome camera can be an IP or an analog camera. A dome is simply the type or style of the camera. The camera can use a cat 5, cat 6 or an RG 59 cable. If the dome is an IP camera then it is usually ran on a cat 5, cat 6 or fiber, if it's an analog camera it is usually ran on an RG-59 Cable. For longer distances cat 5 or cat 6 would be recommended if you can power the camera close.

A dome camera can be installed on a ceiling or a wall. When installed properly they do not leave any cables exposed which makes it harder to disturb. Most dome cameras have the option to come as "vandal proof" or "vandal resistant". This means the camera is  more heavy duty, can take a rock or a hammer. The encasing is usually made out of a stronger material allowing it to withstand rocks or other things thrown at it.