Dorm Room Security & Safety

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Products such as a door alarm can provide a cost effective solution to certain situations. Call to see if we have what you are looking for.
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Protect your stuff
We have many home security products that will be put to good use in a dorm room situation. Most college students can depend on their roommates to care for their valuables when they are not there. However, as we all know college life can be a bit "crazy" sometimes. Personal items can be damaged or lost very easily during those random chaotic moments. Conceal your valuables with diversion safes. Don't tell anyone about where you hide your valueables, and always keep your door locked.

Dangerous People

While there is some security in the dorm rooms themselves, there is usually minimal security off campus and on the streets. It is much easier to fend off unwanted advances from peers than it is to confront a dangerous individual. Offenders can be persistent and forceful. Learn to recognize and respond to potentially harmful individuals. A class or two in self-defense will help you build confidence and prepare yourself mentally for dangerous situations. We recommend always having pepper spray on you at all times just in case. When you leave the campus it is always a good idea to tell a friend where you are going the time you are expected back.


Excessive alcohol and drug usage has caused harm to individuals and sometimes led to fatalities. As everyone knows dorm life & college life come with a great deal of exposure to alcohol. Whether the result of driving while intoxicated or as the result of bad decision making, excessive use is harmful. It doesn't feel good to get sick while hanging out, you can have a great time without serious repercussion if you consume in moderation. Friends don't let friends drink and drive. Many schools provide public transportation and personal escort services free of charge.

Security outside of your dorm room

We have many types of personal alarms that can be attached to your sleeve or your purse. These alarms attach to a peice of your clothing and once removed make a very loud sound. This loud sound could help alert people during times of distress. Our alarms are very affordable and we have a wide selection.

Security inside your dorm room

We also have alarms that can be placed on doors or windows that would alert you if someone bangs the window or opens the door. These alarms in combination with other useful security measures will help provide some comfort for you inside your dorm room. Dorm room security is very important, stay safe & aware of your surroundings. Whether you live in a dorm or in off-campus apartments we have many home security products to help keep you safe at all times.

Pepper Spray & Dorm Room Security

Pepper spray is a great way to stay safe when you are walking to and from campus. If own a pepper spray always keep it on you and be prepared when you feel you are in a bad area.