Tips for Owning a Surveillance System

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  • Don’t tell anyone you own a surveillance system. When you get burglarized most times it is by someone you know. If that is the case the intruders would just wear masks and then you wouldn’t be able to identify the intruder.
  • When you setup your DVR make sure you secure it to the wall and another heavy solid object. Try to setup a lockbox or something that restricts access to the DVR. If your DVR is locked and secure, when an intruder is in your home they won’t be able to steal the DVR.
  • Consider having your data from your DVR stored at a remote location. For a monthly fee you can have your data saved at another location. This way if your DVR is stolen you can still retrieve the information on it. If this service is of interest to you, call us to discuss this option.
  • Don't show your employees the monitor. If they are able to see exactly what the cameras see they will know where the blind spots are and where the camera does not see. They will use this information to their advantage.
  • Keep a fan on your security DVR. Don't let it overheat, it will fry your hard drive. Give your dvr room to breath, don't stack anything on top of it or on the sides of it. Do not block the fans that are in the DVR.