Tips on Purchasing a Surveillance System

  • Identify you needs before you make your purchase. Do you want your cameras outside or inside? Do you need PTZ camera’s? If you want them outside make sure your purchase a camera with an IP65 rating or above. Most outdoor cameras say weatherproof but if your cameras comes with a IP65 rating you know it can withstand heavy outside rain abuse.
  • If you want a 3-4 surveillance camera system but you may want additional cameras in the future, purchase an 8 Ch DVR instead of a 4 Ch DVR. This way you can have your 3 or 4 cameras & when it comes time to expand you are ready. Your additional cameras will plug right into your 8 Ch DVR. If you only have a 4 Ch DVR & 4 cameras, when you want a couple more cameras, you would have to buy another DVR for the cameras to record onto.
  • Make sure you get your surveillance system installation done by the right company with the proper insurance and licensing. We are licensed, bonded and insured in New Jersey.
  • Check the warranty length on each camera, dvr and power supply. We typically only use Altronix Power supplies, they come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Check the reputation of your security installation company.
  • Ask friends, family or other local businesses for their experience with a camera system that was installed at their property.