Monitor Employees with Restaurant Security Camera Systems

It's been on the news thousands of times - major restaurant chains being robbed by inside employee, local eatery bilked out of hundreds by workers. The National Restaurant Association estimates that over 85% of restaurant robberies are inside jobs with over 20 billion dollars lost annually.

Employee access to cash registers, credit cards and even debit pin pad numbers make it almost too simple for thieves to acquire personal information or cold cash. This has forced restaurant owners to question the integrity of their workers and implement additional security measures. To combat this problem many food establishments across the country are now installing restaurant security camera systems.

A restaurant security camera system allows 24 hour access to the food establishment owner's investment. A simple camera installation can be hooked up throughout the restaurant in all of its most vulnerable areas - kitchen, cash register, main floor and even valet parking or personal parking areas.

There are several available options when utilizing restaurant security camera systems. Some systems offer basic access which includes simple cameras and dvd recording. Owners with a higher need for security may choose to access a system with online footage so a restaurant or chain owner can keep vigilant eyes on his investment day or night.

There are several camera options available within restaurant security camrea systems. A more covert system, complete with hidden cameras, allow for discreet operation as well as hidden upfeeds for both recorded and online surveillance. There are also many choices in camera attachments that are extremely visible to both the worker and the restaurant's customer base. Just the visibility itself can deter a thief from entering or stealing from an establishment.

In addition to less theft users of these systems are also reporting a lower incidence of in-store violence. Another fringe benefit of the restaurant security camera system is the fact that with optimal video footage there is an ability to significantly reduce worker's compensation suits. Most users of these systems report a higher quality of work output as the employees feel the 'eyes' watching.

Installation of restaurant surveillance systems is an affordable and easy way to protect your investment as well as determine the quality of the hired employee. There are various custom-made options available to serve the needs of each individual food establishment. Every restaurant across the nation requires the protection of a security camera system's watchful eye as  a necessary technological tool.